So you may have heard of a little something called the M&P Shield® EZ pistol and wondered “what’s up with that name?”, What makes it easy? Is it easier to rack? Is it easier to load? The answer is yes!

Now for a quick lesson on what creates slide tension. Typically, on a standard striker fired semi-automatic handgun the slide tension has a direct correlation to the tension of the recoil spring. By pulling back the slide to load a round into the chamber, you are putting the spring tension on the striker as it engages the sear, a task that requires greater force on a striker fired gun than it does to engage the hammer on a hammer-fired gun.

What makes the Shield™ EZ® easy?

What makes the Shield EZ different from every other Shield is the action itself. Unlike the rest of the lineup, the EZ is an internal hammer fired pistol. The hammer fired operation is the key component to reducing the felt slide tension by about half. Next time you’re at your local S&W dealer, rack a Shield and a Shield EZ pistol side by side and the difference will be clear.

Adding to the ease of the EZ pistol is its magazines. If you’re familiar with .22 Rimfire magazines, you’ll know that they have load assist tabs that pull down the follower, making the magazines exponentially easier to load. The Shield EZ’s magazines have this same style of load assist tabs, removing the need to use additional speed loader tools to save your thumbs at the range.

What makes the Shield™ EZ® easy?

When developing the M&P Shield EZ pistol, ease of use was a 360-degree approach. With the internals reimagined to make racking easier, the same approach was taken to the exterior. The rear slide serrations on the EZ are enhanced with enlarged tabs that make gripping the slide easier than ever before. The addition of the tactile loaded chamber indicator improves the shooter’s ability to both feel and see when there is a round in the chamber.

The M&P Shield EZ pistol is chambered in both .380 Auto and 9MM Auto in a wide range of specs including many Performance Center models. Check out the full EZ lineup.