Every day, before leaving my home I like to check the status of the firearm that I’m carrying that day. This allows me to know for 100% certainty that the firearm and its accessories are ready to go. As always, I do this with the cardinal rules of gun safety in mind: keeping the muzzle of the firearm always pointed in a safe direction and treating the firearm as if it was loaded (because in this case it is!); and keeping my finger outside of the trigger guard.

The first thing that I check is ammunition and all supporting components. I start by checking the magazine’s condition. Does it look abnormal, are there any major dents, dings, or major scratches on the magazine body? Are the baseplates still attached and in good working order? Is the magazine full or at maximum capacity? Is the magazine full of the same type of ammunition (hollow points vs ball ammunition)? Is there a round in the chamber?

Daily Status Check

Next, I’m checking the sights so let’s start with irons first. First thing I’m checking is to make sure that they are still affixed to the pistol. Most iron sights on pistols are pressed in making it possible to back out over time and under heavy use. Then I confirm that the iron sights are clean and free of any debris, lint, or dust.

Daily Status Check

Now for the cool kids, we need to now check our red dots! First thing I’m looking for is the actual dot. Is it still on and if so, is it at the brightness level for the environment where I will be today? After that, I’m making sure that the optic body window is clean and free of debris. Then I move on to the optic body screws. After being properly torqued I like to mark the screws with a marking pen. This allows me to be able to quickly glance down at them and know if they have moved at all. While this may seem minor, it’s a very critical item to check. This ensures that your optic is staying secured to the pistol and you’re maintaining your ZERO.

Pro Tip: set a reminder in your phone to change your red dot optic battery every year on your birthday or the day after.

Daily Status Check

Next thing I’m checking is my weapon mounted light. I want to make sure that it’s still working and is attached properly. Then I’ll check the lens and make sure it’s clean and free of debris.

The last thing I check is the actual holster. The biggest thing I’m paying attention to is making sure that all the screws are tight and making sure you check your belt clip retention. You want to make sure that it’s attached securely and will maintain a proper grip of your belt during a draw stroke.

That quick check sums it all up. I like to do this before leaving the house every day, and highly recommend that you do too. It’s great for peace of mind knowing that you’re ready for the day.